I am

Throughout my life, I’ve been called many things. Teacher’s petvoice of reason“the most calm and organized person I’ve ever met” or one of my favourites, “the glue that keeps us together”, to name a few.

Already in my teenage years, communication played an important part of my life. Private teaching, mediation team, literature awards, the class notes that everyone wanted to borrow and photocopy… that was me.

Then I became the weird scientist who’d rather write than be in the lab. The friend who’ll happily proof-read your article, or edit your cover letter. The lady from LinkedIn that makes those cool drawings about complicated topics. 

Today I am a digital marketer, a sustainability manager and a part-time entrepreneur, starting to monetize my talent and love for all things visual. I am also a proud mother of two.

I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, though I read mostly non-fiction. I don’t like coffee or beer – but I love tea and can drink the occasional margarita.
I have strong values and a deep appreciation for witty humour and good  bad puns.

For a closer look at who I am, you can visit me on LinkedIn.
If it’s questions you have, you’re most welcome to write me at hello@veoveo.dk.

Why the name veo veo ?

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but naming a company is hard.
I didn’t want to use my name, because I didn’t want my whole identity to be linked to it.
I thought about combining my girls’ names into something abstract – but then I could never bring myself to close it, even if it failed.

Then one Friday, as I was rolling out homemade pizza doughs, a popular Spanish children song popped in my head:
“veo veo… ¿qué ves?” (this is the equivalent to the English “I spy with my little eye”)
And at that point, I kind of… knew?

I still asked for my husband’s opinion – a reliable source of honest feedback – and he thought it could work.

So you see, more of a story of luck and epiphany than cleverness.
But luck also works! 

veo means “I see”, so it was descriptive of what I do (visuals and such).
It is Spanish, so it carries my roots.
It’s a game and a song, so it’s playful and creative.
The name is easy, simple, maybe even catchy.

The only downside is that it will never make me rank on Google – but by the time that thought came to my mind, I was too in love with it.
And so, like a stray puppy that might be a little problematic but is way too cute, I kept it.