Talks and Workshops

actionable knowledge that anyone can use

Do you want to know how building a personal brand on LinkedIn can help you advance your career?

Would you like to hear about sustainable transformation and what it takes to successfully implement (and market) your efforts?

When you walk your talk,
people listen.

I’ve taught for years. Privately, at university, in big classrooms and small groups, in the lab and on the field. I’ve supervised projects and tutored students, and whatever I did, my main focus was always the same:

To give my students advice and knowledge that they could use for something.

Because in my mind, the real value of knowledge resides on the change it brings when you put it into practice. 

The same principle applies to my talks as a guest speaker, or my workshops: I provide actionable knowledge

I speak from experience and tell the story of my failures and my learnings, so people can avoid making the same mistakes I did. 

I focus on hands-on approaches and down-to-Earth examples, and I welcome questions with open arms. 

I talk about topics that are close to my heart, and at the moment those are primarily:

  • How to build and leverage a personal brand on LinkedIn in order to advance your career. My audience here are usually recent graduates, and I’m particularly good at targeting STEM students.
  • What is sustainability, how do we work towards it and how can we talk about it in our marketing (without breaking any laws). The target audience are small and medium-sized companies and marketing professionals without a scientific background. 

Either of those sound interesting and you want to hear more?

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Since I was a child, I’ve always loved talking. And people have always listened.

That led me to teaching, and later to digital marketing.

Now I leverage all my knowledge and experience to help people “sell” themselves and companies market their sustainability accurately and legally.

But besides a good spokesperson and presenter, I am also a huge pragmatist – and that seeps into everything I do.

That’s why my talks are filled with do’s and dont’s as well as relatable examples, so people in my audience can take that knowledge home and make it their own. Adapt it to fit their needs, and most importantly:
use it. 

And that’s why I advocate and educate for integrating visual communication into our day-to-day practices, to further understanding, creativity and engagement.