to help people understand and remember better

Do you work in STEM and need to make heavily scientific or technical knowledge available to the general public?

Are you a manager/leader and need to communicate your company‘s strategies in a way that employees can understand and relate to?

Do you advise/teach/coach and are looking to increase engagement and retention in your customers or students?

As a teacher, visuals have always worked for me.
Now I’m here to make them work for you.

Study upon study supports the fact that visuals aid comprehension, helping people understand concepts faster and better. They also increase information retention (they’re remembered for a longer time).

What are the basics of X?
How does product Y work?
What are company Z’s mission, vision and values?

These are just some of the questions that would benefit from a visual answer, where text is combined with imagery and examples that make the content accessible to an audience of non-experts.

I’ve witnessed hundreds of aha moments and been repeatedly thanked after helping someone understand a complicated topic.

I’ve often experienced how graphics and visuals can help engage audiences that were previously uninterested.

I’ve been making that happen for years – and it’s the greatest feeling.

Let me help you craft a message that anyone will understand.

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I began teaching as a private tutor at age 15, and have since taught people of all ages and levels
– from preschoolers to bachelor students at university.

Add to that a PhD in Bioscience, and you’ll hopefully see that I am uniquely qualified to translate virtually
any kind of information into something that non-experts can understand.
I’m not saying I have all the necessary knowledge (no-one does),
but I can easily dive in and get it.

My passion for drawing, design and graphics takes care of the visual part.