Why choose veo veo ?

I do this out of love. No, seriously.

It might sound cheesy – it probably is a bit cheesy – but I truly believe it shows in the final product. A cake made with love always tastes a little sweeter, does it not?

Besides love, I have a mix of skills, talent and experiences that combined, and in my totally unbiased opinion, make me a very solid choice of partner. For example:

  • As a former researcher I’m a perfect position to truly understand your background and your needs. No topic is too complex for me to dive into, or so boring that it can’t create engagement.
  • As a digital marketer, I know how to capture your audience’s attention and use visuals strategically to achieve results.
  • As someone who’s spent a third of her life teaching, I excel at crafting messages that can be understood by virtually anyone.

I expand a little on that under each of my services, which you can find here:


  Tailored figures and illustrations

You can read about a potential collaboration process here, but my job is basically to capture your fuzzy ideas and turn them into something concrete, fun, clear, pretty and easy to grasp.

If this sounds like something you could use, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And if you still wonder “Is Visual Communication really a good idea for me“?, check the sketchnote right here 👇🏻 

Disclaimer: while I am an open-minded and tolerant person, I reserve myself the right to decline projects that would violate any of my values. I will, for example, not contribute in any way to the spread of hate, sexism, racism or false information.